SimAngus™ Performance-Tested, Genomically Enhanced Bulls

    Black Summit cattle was established in 1990 While out on a calf buying trip. Tracy and I drove and brainstormed about what we should name our cattle business to start building our brand around. After exhausting what seemed to be every name possible, Tracy finally said “OK, we likem black and a Summit is the pinnacle or top. so how about Black Summit?” being out of any reasonable suggestions, I agreed and so it was. We had been in the cattle business for years but we knew we needed to start being more professional about it. It seems like we have always felt that way. Neither of us accept mediocrity very well so when new technology comes out or a bloodline starts to separate itself as being superior, we always feel like we have to move on it. From time to time, we go back to the “brainstorming drive abouts” and try and figure out why it is that it is so important to us to raise the highest quality cattle that we possibly can. I’m sure there is a pride factor that we could probably work on, but after that it is of utmost importance to us to give our customers cattle that are going to give them the best shot at improving their bottom line. That’s why in 2009 we made the change from Angus cattle to SimAngus. The breed complementarity that comes from the mating of these two great breeds gave us the cattle that we knew then and know now are the “good Cattle” that everyone talks about. They calve easy, they grow, they breed up, they feed, they adapt and they stay in the herd. SimAngus made our lives better and we knew they would make our customers lives better. Since then, we have raised approx. 60 bulls a year but we have always marketed them through the friends and family route. As our kids got older and settled in and Gavin and his family became more involved, we realized that it was time to make our mark. After spending years in other breeds and watching cattle that win shows and then disappear or become a total nuisance when in production, we learned to love good SimAngus cattle. I guess that’s why we came up with the slogan around our brand. Black Summit Cattle

    “Where cattle that perform get the ribbon!”

    Tracy and I have been blessed beyond any sort of measure. Our kids all live right here in the area and we see them weekly. We have 5 wonderful grandsons, for now, Tracy is offering a reward for a granddaughter, stay tuned on that. Gavin and his family live on the ranch and are involved in the day-to-day operations. Cory puts in our embryos and helps anyway possible and Amber is always around helping. Isn’t it something to be able to live the life we love, have a passion so great for something that most call it a disease and have the Joy and Peace that can only come from a Lord and Savior? It almost doesn’t seem fair. Thank you Jesus!

  • SimAngus™ refers to cattle with the following characteristics: the animal is at least ¼ Simmental and ¼ Angus or Red Angus and no more than ¾ Simmental or no more than ¾ Angus or Red Angus; the animal’s parents are both registered in the database of the American Simmental Association; and the sum of Simmental and Angus or Red Angus blood in the animal is at least ¾.

  • The function of crossbreeding is to maximize heterosis, or hybrid vigor, but it is important to utilize breeds whose genetics will complement each other. SimAngus™ is the convenient way to capture heterosis and value. This crossbreeding system has the ideal balance of maternal and carcass traits. No two breeds offer more commitment to profitability.

  • We have been in the Registered Seedstock Business for 49 years and have seen it all - The roller coaster ride of frame size, the evolution of EPDs and DNA technology.

    AT NO TIME IN HISTORY have we had the tools to make cattle that are as PREDICTABLE and RELEVANT as we can TODAY!

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